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Obama admits health care overhaul may die on Hill

WASHINGTON – After insisting for a year that failure was not an option, President Barack Obama is now acknowledging his health care overhaul may die in Congress. His remarks at a Democratic National Committee fundraiser Thursday night sounded cont

Tea Party convention plans national organizing strategy for elections

NASHVILLE, TN - Fox News has learned Tea Party convention organizers plan a big news conference here Friday to propose the closest thing yet to a national organizing strategy for the upcoming 2010 midterm elections. The first ever Tea Party Conven

Woman's lawsuit claims former Cowboy Irvin assaulted her

MIAMI - A woman claims in a lawsuit filed only days before the Super Bowl that former Dallas Cowboys star Michael Irvin sexually assaulted her at a South Florida hotel, an allegation labeled a false attempt at "civil extortion" Friday by Irvin's atto

Toyota's chief apologizes for global recalls

TOKYO - Toyota's president apologized for the automaker's global recalls and promised to beef up quality control by setting up a special committee he would head himself. Toyota Motor Corp.

Possible weapon of mass destruction found in Iraq

They have been searching in Iraq for the past nine years, 10 months and 15 days. Today, the hard work finally paid off as soldiers found one of those elusive ‘weapons of mass destruction’ that Saddam Hussein was supposed to have been hiding. So

Gov't buys $2.5M in Super Bowl ads to boost census

WASHINGTON – Faced with record levels of red-ink into the foreseeable future, Washington is spending $2.5 million to create buzz for the census — by advertising during the Super Bowl. The Census Bureau is hoping to exploit the strong ratings from

'Idol' producers want Stern to replace Cowell

"American Idol" producers are eager to hire Howard Stern to replace Simon Cowell as the show's tough-talking judge, sources tell Page Six.

Coroner reports pneumonia, drugs killed Brittany Murphy

LOS ANGELES — The Los Angeles County coroner says Brittany Murphy died from pneumonia but prescription drug intoxication was also a factor. The coroner released its results Thursday. Spokesman Craig Harvey says the primary cause of Murphy's dea

Dubai discovers new oil field, a first in decades

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – Dubai's government, under pressure to repay billions of dollars in debt, said Thursday it has discovered a new offshore oil field — the first such find by the city-state in decades. The media office of the sheikdom's