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House GOP punts on farm bill

House Republican leaders announced Thursday they will not take action on a new farm bill until after the November elections -- a sign of sharp internal GOP divisions on a critical political issue for many members of Congress.

Walmart stops selling Amazon Kindles

Wal-Mart stops selling Amazon Kindles Wal-Mart is joining Target in the decision to stop selling Amazon Kindles, in a move that appears to have come after a pricing dispute.

People line up for iPhone 5 release in East Texas

The much anticipated iPhone 5 was released Friday in stores nationwide. People lined up early in East Texas to get their hands on the newest Apple product.

Jobless claims dip slightly

The number of people filing for their first week of unemployment benefits fell slightly last week, the government said Thursday.

Bagged spinach recalled on listeria fears

The Kroger chain of grocery stores announced Tuesday that it has issued a voluntary recall of bagged spinach on fears of listeria contamination.

First fast-food chain to post calories on menus; dietitians say it likely won’t ease obesity

Will knowing that a sausage biscuit with egg has 510 calories, or that a Quarter Pounder with cheese has 520 calories, help curb obesity?

4,000 millionaires in Romney's '47%'

Nobody's really talking about this slice of the pie, but Mitt Romney's "47%" who pay no federal income tax include several thousand of the highest-income households in the country.

Obama 50%-Romney 45% in new poll

A new national poll released Tuesday indicates President Barack Obama with a slight edge over Republican nominee Mitt Romney, with the candidates' numbers virtually unchanged compared to their positions before the two parties' conventio

NASA's last space shuttle takes off to its retirement home

After a two-day delay because of weather conditions, the space shuttle Endeavour on Wednesday began its cross-country flight from Kennedy Space Center in Florida to Los Angeles, where the now-retired spacecraft will be put on display.