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Isaac leads to 5-cent gas price spike

Gas prices shot up by nearly 5 cents a gallon nationwide Wednesday after Hurricane Isaac cut output from refineries along the Gulf Coast.

Poll: Party unity on Romney nomination?

As the formal nomination of Mitt Romney gets underway at the Republican convention, a new survey indicates that a minority in the GOP would like to see someone else as their party's presidential nominee.

Mitt Romney clinches GOP nomination at RNC

Mitt Romney officially clinched the GOP presidential nomination Tuesday when a majority of delegates to the Republican National Convention supported his candidacy.

Legendary pianist Van Cliburn diagnosed with bone cancer

Van Cliburn, the classical pianist honored by a New York ticker-tape parade for winning a major Moscow competition in 1958, suffers from advanced bone cancer, his representative said Tuesday.

Bigfoot hoax ends in death, authorities say

A man trying to create a Bigfoot hoax on a highway died after being hit by two cars, officials in Montana said.

Supporters Blast Treatment of Paul at GOP Convention

Tampa is the end of the road for Ron Paul’s presidential hopes, but his die-hard supporters aren’t going quietly into the night.

Federal court to hear challenge to South Carolina voter ID law

South Carolina officials head to federal court on Monday to defend a controversial new voter identification law, dismissing suggestions the requirement would deny tens of thousands of people, many of them minorities, access to the ballot.

Facebook helps doctors with diagnosis

Facebook isn't just for connecting with friends -- doctors are finding uses for the social network in diagnosis.

Walmart moms not yet buying Romney or Obama

Memo to Mitt Romney: Walmart moms find you smart, but slick, and while many are ready to give up on President Obama, they aren't sure you understand their daily struggles.

At least 10 shot at Empire State Building, authorities say

A shooting at the Empire State Building in New York killed two people and wounded at least eight others Friday, a law enforcement official said. The shooter was one of the two killed, investigators said.