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VIDEO: Teen hailed as hero after dying while stopping suicide bomber outside of school

A teen in Pakistan is being hailed as a hero for sacrificing his life to stop a suicide bomber outside his school. The tragedy happened Monday in the Hangu District.

Stocks seesaw after weak jobs report

Stocks meandered Friday as investors tried to figure out how a weak jobs report would impact future moves by the Federal Reserve.

India asks U.S. to withdraw official from its embassy in New Delhi, source says

The Indian government has asked the United States to withdraw an official from its embassy in New Delhi, an Indian official not authorized to speak to the media told CNN on Friday.

Scandal burnishes image of Christie as bully

Chris Christie's signature tough-talking style earned him plaudits from the press and politicos alike from the moment he emerged on the national stage as a candidate for New Jersey governor in 2009.

CNN anchor Zain Verjee: How I fight psoriasis

One of the most powerful experiences in life is to have deep, meaningful connection. Without it we are empty.

The f-word is everywhere

Not long ago I received a complaint from a co-worker that I had used the f-word in a tweet.

POLICE: Detective who fatally shot mentally ill teen acted justly

A North Carolina detective justifiably shot a schizophrenic 18-year-old because he believed another officer's life was in danger, a group representing police officers said, offering an account vastly different from that of the late teen&#39

Pulitzer Prize winning author's ex-wife arrested after pulling gun from privates during argument over aliens

Jennifer McCarthy, the ex-wife of Pulitzer Prize winning author Cormac McCarthy was arrested by Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Deputies Saturday afternoon following a bizarre domestic disturbance with her current boyfriend.

Market has #jitters about Twitter

Twitter is off to a terrible start in 2014 after bearish reports from several Wall Street analysts have made investors jittery.

Samuel L. Jackson in new childhood cancer PSA

Actor Samuel L. Jackson has played a mob hit man and a Jedi master, among other roles. His newest role: Fighting childhood cancer.