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August jobs report: Hiring continues as unemployment falls

Hiring continued at a slow pace in August, and the unemployment rate fell as more Americans dropped out of the labor force. The U.S. economy added 169,000 jobs in August, the Department of Labor said Friday.

Baby bust: U.S. births at record low

The Great Recession and the slow recovery have been quite the romantic buzzkill.

Anthony Weiner challenges man who rebuked him for being 'married to an Arab'

Beleaguered New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner got into a war of words Wednesday with a man who lashed out at him for being "married to an Arab," in addition to chastising the former congressman about his well-documented sextin

Kerry signals Obama Oval Office address on Syria

Secretary of State John Kerry said Wednesday he has "no doubt" President Barack Obama will soon make a speech on Syria from the Oval Office.

Shreveport police officer arrested for trying to solicit sex from prostitute while on duty

Bossier City police have arrested a Shreveport police officer on a felony charge of malfeasance in office as the result of a prostitution investigation last week.

Panel finds State Department did not pay enough attention to overseas diplomats resulting in Benghazi attacks

An independent panel has found the State Department has not overall paid enough attention to overseas security for diplomatic posts and called for it to be elevated in importance, several sources familiar with the matter said.

5 things from Senate hearing on Syria

Secretary of State John Kerry, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen.

Polls: Should U.S. launch strikes against Syria?

Two new national polls indicate the same thing: More Americans oppose rather than favor U.S. military strikes against Syria.

10 months later, Hurricane Sandy's 'blessing': Treasures wash ashore

Professed "Jersey girl" Christeena Hockin-Minopetros began collecting sea glass from the New Jersey shore when she was 5.

Pledge of Allegiance Fast Facts

Here's a look at what you need to know about The Pledge of Allegiance, a promise of loyalty to the United States.