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Mom's confession: 'They're growing up and I'm missing it'

Every morning, while I open granola bars and pass them to my children in the back seat, I feel a familiar pang of guilt reminding me that a good mother would have made them scrambled eggs and toast.

Philippine president: Typhoon Haiyan death toll closer to 2,500

A well-publicized estimate that Typhoon Haiyan killed10,000 people in the Philippines is "too much," and the death toll likely is closer to 2,000 or 2,500, Philippine President Benigno Aquino III told CNN's Christiane Amanpour on

Military dad surprises son at school

A South Carolina boy got a heartwarming surprise at school just in time for Veteran's Day. His military dad arrived home from Afghanistan early and decided to surprise him with a little help from the school.

Lifting the veil of secrecy: Meet the female code-breakers of WWII

"This is Norway checker," echoed the voice through the scrambler. "I have a good stop for you in Stavanger." Nobody on the outside world could have known what she meant.

Typhoon Haiyan: Survivors in Philippines face grim struggle as death toll rises

Survivors root through the splintered wreckage of their homes searching for loved ones who may be buried beneath. Others are scrambling to find food and water in areas littered with corpses.

Futuristic water-recycling shower cuts bills by over $1000

In space, astronauts go for years without a fresh supply of water. Floating in a capsule in outer space they wash and drink from the same continuously recycled source.

Father's nursing home inspires son to lose weight

Kevin Pippen left his father's nursing home knowing he had to make a change. His father wasn't obese or dying of lung cancer. But seeing his quality of life made Pippen want to delay death as long as possible.

Kerry 'not blind' to Rouhani's past

America's top diplomat dismissed concerns Sunday that the Obama administration was not being skeptical enough while the U.S.

Glitz, glamour, low pay, what it's like to be an NFL Cheerleader

You see them on the sidelines of most games. Cheerleaders have become an iconic part of NFL Sundays. But behind the glitz and glamor, there's grueling hours, long days, and some critics argue low pay.

Homeless man naps in Pittsburgh presidential suite

 Jeffery Watson napped in the comfort of a $2,500 presidential suite at Pittsburgh's stately Omni William Penn Hotel, which has hosted movie stars, leaders of industry, and every U.S.