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The 'Serial' podcast: By the numbers

 The podcast "Serial" is wrapping up its first season on Thursday as a bona fide success.

NASA's plan for an off-world colony: a floating city above Venus

 Imagine a blimp city floating 30 miles above the scorching surface of Venus -- a home for a team of astronauts studying one of the solar s

Could this mean the end of tipping?

 NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Imagine a table of diners at a high-end restaurant, getting up and leaving after their meal without leaving a tip.

New York theater to stage 'The Interview'

 "The Interview" may not hit the big screen this weekend as planned, but it will be performed on a small stage in New York.

The perfect present for that aviation fan? Old Boeing 747 seats to go on sale

 What could be better than experiencing the comfort and reclining pleasure of an airline seat than replicating that experience in your own lounge room or office?

This is one in a series of Fast Facts offered from the CNN Library giving a more in-depth look at a person or topic in the news.

 Here's a look at the life of Sir Elton John, award-winning singer, composer, and pianist. Personal: Birth date: March 25, 1947 Birth place: Pinner, England Birth name: Reginald Kenneth Dwight

Google's fully functional driverless car is adorable

 Google's new driverless-car prototype is downright hugable. The company unveiled its latest self-driving vehicle on Monday, and it looks like a cartoon koala crossed with a smart car wearing a fez.

Cop credited with saving child's life after responding to frantic 911 call

A local police officer is being heralded as a hero after he helped a 3-year-old boy who was choking. The boy's mother said if not for the quick action of the officer, her son would have died.

Singer Joe Cocker is dead at 70

 (CNN) -- Joe Cocker, the British blues-rock singer whose raspy voice brought plaintive soul to such hits as "You Are So Beautiful" and