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Local lawmaker reacts to missed budget deadline

President Obama failed to submit a budget to Congress by the February 4th deadline on Monday.

January's FBI gun background checks are second-highest ever

As President Obama continues to push for new gun control measures, new FBI data shows that January was the second-highest month on record for gun background checks.

Dell plans to take company private

Dell announced plans Tuesday to go private in a deal that is worth $24.4 billion.

Alabama hostage standoff ends with kidnapper dead, child safe

A 5-year-old child abducted from an Alabama school bus six days ago is safe and his kidnapper is dead, according to a law enforcement official.

Death toll expected to rise in California tour bus crash

The death toll in a Southern California tour bus crash is expected to rise Monday as authorities try to get to bodies still inside the bus, authorities said. At least eight people were killed in the Sunday crash.

McCain says monkey business on Twitter just a joke

After catching some flak for slyly calling Iran's president a monkey on Twitter Monday, Sen. John McCain wondered what the fuss was about.

National homemade soup day

The current winter flu outbreak is the worst in more than a decade, and seems like everywhere you look someone is sneezing or coughing.

Kid-free 'Quiet Zones' launched on airline

Beginning this week, under-12s are banned from the first seven rows of economy class on AirAsia X flights to China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Australia and Nepal.

Ravens Defeat 49ers in Super Bowl

The Baltimore Ravens beat the San Francisco 49ers 34-31 at Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans on Sunday. It is the second victory in the NFL championship for the Ravens, who also won Super Bowl XXXV.

Power Outage Interrupts Super Bowl 47

Super Bowl XLVII ground to a halt early in the third quarter Sunday night, when about half of the lights in the Superdome went out.