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Pope calls for big changes in the church

Pope Francis on Tuesday called for big changes in the Roman Catholic Church -- including at the very top -- saying he knows it will be a messy business but he expects his flock to dive in feet first.

Fake meat is on the menu this Thanksgiving

As Americans sharpen their knives for Thanksgiving dinner, a new crop of food tech start-ups are carving out their own niche -- faux-meat products that replicate the flavor and feel of the real thing without the ethical quandaries.

Amanda Knox retrial: Prosecutor calls for 30-year sentence

Amanda Knox should receive a 30-year sentence for the 2007 killing of British exchange student Meredith Kercher, an Italian prosecutor said at her retrial Tuesday.

A tourist at home: Louvre director Jean-Luc Martinez goes undercover

It's the height of summer in Paris, and the director of the most famous art museum in the world is queuing like any other tourist.

WH: Obamacare website 'on track' to meet Nov. 30 goal

 Obama administration officials are sounding increasingly confident they will meet the President's goal of having the troubled website working for the "vast majority" of users by November 30.

US Capitol Christmas Tree arrives at the West Front

An evergreen from Washington state is now in Washington, D.C. as workers prepare it to become the U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree. House Speaker John Boehner will preside over the illumination the evening of December 3.

"High Hopes" for new Bruce Springsteen album

Bruce Springsteen fans: Your prayers for a new album have been answered. "High Hopes" is set for a January 14, 2014, release. The title track comes out Monday.

Outlaw country singer Wayne Mills dies in bar shooting

Singer Wayne Mills, whose "outlaw country" songs center on honky-tonk life, died in a Nashville bar shooting Saturday, police said.

20 questions about the Iran nuclear deal: What it says, what's at stake, what's next

When it comes to Iran and the West, the relationship has been convoluted for decades. And this deal is no different.

Nervous Dems get cash boost--and pep talk--from Obama

Congressional Democrats, many downright scared of the political fallout from the botched rollout of Obamacare, are getting a boost this week as the President completes a month-long fundraising sprint a year ahead of 2014's midterm elections