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VIDEO: Kissing 6 year-old suspended for sexual harassment

A six-year-old boy kissed a classmate and got suspended for sexual harassment! Now his mom is fighting to get the incident removed from his school record, Bonnie Silkman spoke with the little boy about what happened.

A brief but important handshake between Obama, Castro

Arriving on stage at FNB stadium in Johannesburg to pay tribute to Nelson Mandela, President Barack Obama shook hands with dozens of other world leaders, pausing briefly to grasp the hand of Cuban President Raul Castro.

GM names Mary Barra as CEO - first woman to run major automaker

General Motors on Tuesday promoted insider Mary Barra to serve as the new chief executive officer, the first female head of a major U.S. automaker.

Google Glass users fight privacy fears

Carolyn Capern and her business partner Greg Trujillo were eating breakfast in a Panera bakery in Florida recently, each wearing Google Glasses but actually immersed in their smartphones when they were accosted by an angry stranger.

Chemical weapons inspectors in Syria claim Nobel Peace Prize

A group of chemical weapons inspectors are taking the world closer to peace in the middle of a raging war that they cannot stop. For their work in Syria and elsewhere, they received the Nobel Peace Prize on Tuesday in Norway.

Suspect in British soldier's slaying: 'I do not dispute I killed him'

One of the men accused of the brutal daylight killing of British soldier Lee Rigby told a jury Monday that he killed the soldier because he is fighting a war.

LIST: 2013 bowl game schedule

The 2013 college football regular season has come to an end and now all that's left are bowl games to usher out the Bowl Championship Series era before the College Football Playoff begins in 2014.

Tech firms call on U.S. to reform spying activities

Major U.S. technology companies have joined together to ask the U.S. government to reform surveillance activities.

10 trips to whisk you away for the holidays

"It's the most wonderful time of the year."

Traveler wakes up on airliner, locked in and alone

Tom Wagner woke up Friday night and the plane cabin was dark. And empty. Completely empty. He looked around from his window seat near the back of the jet and wondered, "What is going on?"