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Texas teen writes officer ticket for improper parking

A teenager in Texas turns the tables on a policeman when she noticed that the officer did something improper. Officer Tommy King, with the Baytown Police Department, patrols the apartment complex and keeps the criminals away.

Orphaned fox in need of another fox around to survive in wild

A rescued baby fox has won the hearts of her caretakers at the New England Wildlife Center in Massachusetts. But they're being very protective and say she needs to find a sibling to survive.

Obamacare: Some may have more time to finish applications

Some Americans may be able to finish their Obamacare applications after open enrollment ends on March 31.

White House to decide on making Opening Day national holiday

Baseball fans have stepped up to the plate. They have no collected the necessary 100,000 signatures for a campaign to make Opening Day and national holiday.

Desire to break glass ceiling a big part of aura around Clinton

Hillary Clinton is at the top of every 2016 poll. She is crisscrossing the country picking up sizable speaking fees and addressing audiences who cheer any mention of her future plans.

Susan Rice: White House reassessing U.S.- Russia relations

Asked whether the United States is reassessing its relationship with Russia given the crisis in Ukraine, White House National Security Adviser Susan Rice offered a direct answer.

Controlled fire spins out of control after dust devil sweeps over it

Firefighters in Colorado were forced to run for cover when a controlled fire spun out of control after a dust devil swept over the fire.

No winners for $1 billion NCAA challenge

 Warren Buffett can relax. The $1 billion prize for a perfect NCAA bracket that his Berkshire Hathaway was backing will go unclaimed.

China has new images showing object in southern Indian Ocean

China announced that it has satellite images of a large object floating in the search area for the missing Malaysia Airlines plane, but Australian-led search teams found no sign of it Saturday.

Sheriff's office: Claim of confession in Kendrick Johnson death not credible

The Lowndes County, Georgia, Sheriff's Office does not believe an anonymous e-mail claiming that a former schoolmate confessed to killing Kendrick Johnson is credible, an attorney for the department told CNN on Thursday.