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Woman dies after rear end enhancing procedure

Police in south Florida are trying to find a man who passed himself off as a doctor from Venezuela. Investigators say he administered butt-enhancing injections to a Miami woman, who died shortly after the procedure.

White House: Syria crosses 'red line' with use of chemical weapons on its people

The White House acknowledged Thursday the Syrian government has used chemical weapons, including the nerve agent sarin, on a small scale a number of times, according to a statement.

Official who inspected collapsed Philadelphia building kills self

The inspector of a downtown building that collapsed last week has killed himself, city officials said Thursday.

Plant explodes in LA, unknown injuries

A “shelter in place” is in effect surrounding the Williams Olefins plant after an explosion. Residents are being asked to stay inside their homes with doors and windows closed.

4 little words on LA church sign sparks big discussion

It's an average looking church sign, but it makes a pretty big statement.

Jobless claims fall again

Claims for unemployment benefits fell more than expected last week, pointing to further modest improvement in the job market.

Taking NSA protests online

People outraged by recent news of the National Security Agency's collection of phone records and Internet monitoring are taking action online.

$100 gaming console coming soon

After years spent lurking in the shadows, the indie gaming world is ready for its moment in the spotlight. When the Ouya "micro-console" hits shelves on June 25, it could make big waves in the industry.

Colorado fires scorch state; thousands evacuated

Fast-moving wildfires lit up central Colorado, forcing thousands from their homes and scorching some 12,000 acres of brush and timber. Of the five fires burning, the most problematic was the Black Forest Fire.

Little boy survives monster Oklahoma tornado, only to be mauled to death

At the tender age of five, surviving a tornado a mile wide is, at the least, traumatizing. Being separated from mom and dad after that, and living in a strange house, is enough to make a little boy break down and cry.