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Wildfire burns at least 20 homes in Oklahoma

A blaze that started as a controlled burn got out of hand and turned into a fast-moving wildfire that destroyed at least 20 homes and killed at least one person in Oklahoma's Logan County on Sunday, authorities said.

Terrified passengers recall airliner's sudden, turbulent drop

Travelers looking for a relaxing trip to Orlando got off to a terrifying start Sunday when their flight suddenly dropped in turbulence, injuring several passengers.

Heavy clashes reported as Ukrainian forces tackle pro-Russian separatists

Ukrainian security forces battled pro-Russian militants in the eastern flashpoint city of Slavyansk on Monday as Kiev tackled the gunmen who have overrun the region.

TV's '24'-hour hero returns

At first it may seem "24's" Jack Bauer didn't get the memo.

Educator wants to use marijuana to fund schools

An idea on a school superintendent candidate's platform is causing a bit of a stir in South Carolina. Democratic education superintendent candidate Sheila Gallagher wants to legalize marijuana to help fund education.

Circus acrobats injured in fall

Emergency crews are responding to a circus accident in Providence, Rhode Island, where performers fell from rafters during a show on Sunday.

Militants killed in Yemen

At least 37 militants were killed by the Yemeni military as part of an ongoing series of operations against al Qaeda, the country's state news agency reported Sunday.

California Chrome Wins the Run for the Roses

California Chrome, ridden by Victor Espinoza, has won the 140th running of the Kentucky Derby. It is Espinoza's second Derby victory.  

Landslide claims lives of villagers and rescuers

A double landslide that first buried an Afghanistan village and then hundreds of rescuers is a mass grave holding thousands of people after authorities found that digging for bodies in 50 meters of mud and rock to be impossible, officials said

Roadside bomb kills 10

A roadside bomb in Mogadishu killed a former regional government administrator and nine other people on Saturday, according to Somali police.