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10 surprising superstars of Twitter

Everybody knows the big-time accounts on Twitter belong to celebrities -- the Katy Perrys and Justin Biebers and Lady Gagas. And those are just the singers with more followers than President Barack Obama.

POLICE: Fort Bliss soldier confesses to stabbing pregnant woman in recorded interview

Corey Bernard Moss, the 19-year-old man accused in the brutal stabbing of pregnant 31-year-old Rachel Poole was in the courtroom Tuesday for his first bond hearing.

Mali arrests dozens in French journalists' killings

At least 30 suspects have been arrested in the killing of two French journalists in northern Mali, officials said.

Israeli-Palestinian relations hit new snags as Kerry visits Jerusalem

Efforts to forge lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians apparently suffered more setbacks Wednesday, even as U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry was in the Middle East trying to help mend relations.

Dow hits another record high

The Dow rose to an all-time high Wednesday as investors focused on mostly solid corporate earnings.

Cells offer hope for Type 1 diabetes

The e-mail ended with a question that belied the author's pain: "It's a small world, isn't it?"

Teacher arrested for hitting special needs student

East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Detectives arrested a teacher, Tuesday, for allegedly battering a handicapped nine-year-old child. Nerelyn Lava Soreta, 50, of Baton Rouge, has been charged with Simple Battery of the Infirm.

Stocks flounder as investors watch and wait

Stocks are still hovering near all-time highs. But they drifted lower Tuesday as there were few catalysts to drive the market even higher. The S&P 500 index, Nasdaq and the Dow fell between 0.4% and 0.5%.

Main Street may avoid Twitter IPO. So?

Twitter may be the hottest initial public offering of 2013. But the hype behind Twitter's market debut is not nearly as deafening as it was for Facebook last year. Experts say that's a good thing.