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6 U.S. troops killed in helicopter crash in Afghanistan

Six U.S. troops were killed Tuesday in a helicopter crash in southern Afghanistan after what appears to be an engine failure, a U.S. defense official said. There was one survivor in the crash.

VIDEO: CO sheriff refuses to enforce state gun laws

Gun control laws in Colorado continue to grow tighter and tighter and some county sheriffs have decided to put their foot down.

Tentpoles falling, 'Gravity' rising, money spinning: The year in movies 2013

It was a terrible year for movies. "The Lone Ranger" was awful -- roasted by critics, avoided by audiences. "Pain and Gain," "After Earth" and "R.I.P.D." also stunk up the multiplex.

Nelson Mandela laid to rest: Goodbye Tata. Sleep well

Nelson Mandela ached to come home, his family says, and he did so Sunday -- his burial the last part of a long journey that had lasted nearly a century.

NSA official: Snowden amnesty 'worth having a conversation about'

The top NSA official tasked with assessing the damage from Edward Snowden's leaks says he would consider amnesty for the former contractor in exchange for a halt to the flow of top secret information about U.S. spying.

Martina McBride cancels SeaWorld gig over 'Blackfish' backlash

Add Martina McBride to the list of musical acts canceling SeaWorld shows because of issues raised in the documentary "Blackfish."

Things to know for your new day

A 17-year-old girl is clinging to life after the latest school shooting, researchers find the first case of CTE in pro baseball player's brain, and optimists across the country are planning what they'd do with an extra $550 million.

Country Hall of Fame member, Ray Price, still alive

We would like to clarify a story you saw on our website earlier today. The Owen Bradley's Quonset Hut's Facebook page stated that the famed country music star, Ray Price, succumbed to complications from pancreatic cancer.

Suspect arrested in the killing of Ohio girl, 9

 A suspect is in custody Sunday after a 9-year-old Ohio girl was found dead in a trash bin near her home, authorities said.

Obama weighs spying recommendations

President Barack Obama must decide in the coming weeks how to rein in the vast spying powers of the federal government without putting Americans' safety at risk, a task he's said would result in new "self-restraint" at the Nat