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3 suspects confess in India gang rape; community outraged

KATRA VILLAGE, India (CNN) -- Three brothers have confessed to involvement in the gang rape of two teenage girls in India, a police officer told CNN.

Teen attempts record-setting solo flight around the world

(CNN) -- "9 hours down, 150 to go."

Tears of joy: Idaho hometown of Bowe Bergdahl prepares homecoming

(CNN) -- The locals of Hailey, Idaho, filled Sherry Horton's wine bar and uncorked champagne Saturday in celebration of hometown hero Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl's release in Afghanistan after nearly five years in enemy captivity.

6 missing Mount Rainier climbers believed to have fallen

(CNN) -- Six people who attempted to climb Mount Rainier in Washington state have been involved in some sort of fall, with "no viable chance of survival," a park official said after a helicopter search team spotted climbing gear on th

Philadelphia Inquirer owner dead in plane crash

(CNN) -- A private plane crash late Saturday in Massachusetts killed all seven people aboard, according to Hanscom Field airport, where the plane had taken off.

OCD with religious obsessions called scrupulosity, helped with exposure therepy

(CNN) -- When she was 12, Jennifer Traig's hands were red and raw from washing them so much.

Medicare could pay for sex-change surgeries

(CNN) -- The decision on whether Medicare pays for sex-change operations is now in the hands of regional administrators, thanks to a decision Friday by a federal board that overturned a national policy of not covering such surgeries.

VA audit led to Shinseki's resignation

(CNN) -- The damning internal report that effectively ended Eric Shinseki's tumultuous tenure as Veteran Affairs secretary describes in the starkest terms the systemic failures of a system charged with providing medical care to America'

1-year-old injured by flash bang grenade in drug raid

(CNN) -- Members of a northeast Georgia SWAT team are "devastated" after a drug raid in which a flash-bang grenade landed in a 1-year-old's playpen, seriously injuring the child, the Habersham County sheriff said Friday.

Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is released by the Taliban

(CNN) -- Together with the announcement that Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl was released after nearly five years of captivity came the news that five detainees at Guantanamo Bay were being transferred to Qatar.