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Opinion: You don't want a jack-of-all-trades surgeon

 I once worked with a plastic surgeon, let's call him Dr. Saul, who performed cleft lip and palate repairs, face-lifts, breast reconstruction after mastectomy, and even complex repairs of tendons in the hands and fingers.

CMT Music Awards: Carrie Underwood's big night

Carrie Underwood continued her reign over the CMT Music Awards on Wednesday night.

Can 'Mario Kart 8' save the Wii U?

 It's the gaming industry's gold standard, once named by Guinness World Records as the most influential video game in history.

Wisconsin girl stabbed 19 times improving, family says

A 12-year-old Wisconsin girl who police say was stabbed in an attack by two other 12-year-olds "is a fighter and is improving each and every day," her family said Thursday in a news release.

Carrie Underwood wins big at CMT Music Awards

Carrie Underwood continued her reign over the CMT Music Awards on Wednesday night.

Mom's group wants Target to ban guns in stores

The organization that successfully pushed Chipotle to ban guns in its restaurants is now taking aim at Target.

Slenderman stabbing case: When can kids understand reality vs. fantasy?

The case of two 12-year-old girls accused of stabbing their friend multiple times to impress a fictitious Internet bogeyman raises so many questions for parents: How can we be sure our children can truly separate reality from fantasy?

Most popular amusement parks in the world

What's the most popular theme park in the world? Hint: It's got Mickey Mouse ears.

Normality resumes: Curfews lifted in three Thai hot spots

 It's been nearly two weeks since Thailand's military took over the country after months of political and social unrest that led to outbursts of violence in Bangkok..

Surviving summer camp with food allergies

 No doubt your children are ecstatic that summer's here -- and you'll be just as excited when you can send them off to camp, right? Follow these safety tips to ensure food allergies don't get in the way of all the fun: