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Casey Kasem's daughter has the power, but will she use it?

The end is coming for radio and TV icon Casey Kasem. He's suffering from dementia and bedsores, and his body is shutting down at a hospital in Washington state, court documents say.

Are missing Irish children buried in 'graves'?

(CNN) -- As a little girl, Catherine Corless was always curious about the St. Mary's Mother and Baby Home in her hometown of Tuam, in County Galway, Ireland.

5 aftershocks from Cantor's stunning upset loss

 A day after House Majority Leader Eric Cantor's almost unprecedented primary loss, his defeat is being felt far from his central Virginia congressional district.

Suspect arrested in elevator stabbings of 2 children

NEW YORK (CNN) — A New York man released on parole last month pleaded not guilty Wednesday in connection with the stabbing of two children in Brooklyn, one of whom died, authorities said.

Trucker in Tracy Morgan crash pleads not guilty amid sleep-deprivation reports

The driver of a truck that plowed into a bus carrying comedian Tracy Morgan pleaded not guilty during his arraignment Wednesday amid accusations he had not slept for 24 hours before the crash.

7 reasons Eric Cantor lost

The man in line to be the next speaker of the House lost his primary Tuesday in Virginia. The outcome of the race shocked Eric Cantor, challenger Dave Brat and political pundits and analysts.

MRE pizza may be a slice of home

Lauren Oleksyk isn’t trying to bake the best pizza in the whole world, but she might be responsible for the best slice of a person’s life.

Airbus electric aircraft takes to the skies

Imagine taking a peaceful flight, gliding along without much noise or any fuel, effortlessly descending into the airport without a trace of emissions.

10 gadget gifts for Father's Day

 At this point, dad's already got his smartphone, a tablet and a couple of laptops, if you include the chunky old one collecting dust in the closet.

Police identify Oregon school shooter, victim

The 14-year-old victim of Tuesday's school shooting in Oregon was a sweet kid who sometimes put on a tough front, friends said. Emilio Hoffman was shot in a locker room at Reynolds High School in Troutdale.