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'Rising Star': What's the verdict?

"Rising Star," ABC's new singing competition, hasn't exactly risen to the top. The series made its debut on Sunday with Josh Groban as the host and Ludacris, Kesha and Brad Paisley as the celebrity experts.

Ferran Adria: The chef without a restaurant has big ideas

What does an acclaimed chef do for an encore after he's closed the best restaurant in the world? For Ferran Adria, former head chef of Spain's elBulli, it's creating a new menu of big ideas.

World Cup: Is Team USA finished?

For about 13 minutes, Team USA sat at the top of its World Cup soccer group, ahead of the mighty Germany and star-powered Portugal.

VA deaths covered up to make statistics look better, whistle-blower says

Records of dead veterans were changed or physically altered, some even in recent weeks, to hide how many people died while waiting for care at the Phoenix VA hospital, a whistle-blower told CNN in stunning revelations that point to a new coveru

8.0 magnitude earthquake strikes near Alaska, tsunami warning issued

A tsunami warning has been issued for coastal Alaska following a 8.0-magnitude earthquake located about 15 miles from Little Sitkin Island, Alaska.

Airbag problems result in millions of vehicle recalls

Seven automakers are recalling millions of vehicles because the casing around the airbag's inflator can rupture, possibly resulting in injury.

Work-life balance not just a women's issue

As the White House convened a day-long summit on working families with a heavy focus on work-life balance, I remembered a major survey last year that took issue with the prevailing notion that juggling work and home life is mainly a woman's

Sting: Don't expect any cash from me, kids

 "Fields of Gold," yes. Oceans of money, no. Sting told the UK publication The Mail on Sunday that he won't be leaving his more than $300 million fortune to his six children.

CDC lab leader reassigned during anthrax investigation

The leader of one of the labs linked to an accidental anthrax exposure at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has been re-assigned, CDC spokesman Tom Skinner says.

Christian woman freed after death sentence in Sudan

A Sudanese woman who had been sentenced to death because she declined to renounce her Christian faith has been freed, her lawyer said Monday.