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Court strikes blow against Obamacare contraception mandate

The Supreme Court ruled Monday that closely held companies cannot be required to pay to cover some types of contraceptives for their employees, ending its term with a narrow legal and political setback for a controversial part of President Bara

Lerner attorney: Client vilified by GOP out of convenience

  The attorney for embattled former IRS official Lois Lerner said Sunday that Republicans are denigrating an innocent woman for purely politi

Gunfire strikes 7 people on Bourbon Street in New Orleans

 Gunfire struck seven people on Bourbon Street in New Orleans early Sunday, police spokesman Frank Robertson said.

Congressional candidate feels opponent is a body double

  An Oklahoma congressional candidate has announced he plans to contest Tuesday's primary election of long time Rep.

Police: Tanning nanny leaves kids in van on 90-degree day

A nanny is accused of leaving a baby and a toddler in a van with the windows up while she was at a tanning salon on a 90-degree day.

GM's 'culture' blamed for current crisis

 A corporate culture that stopped acknowledging problems is why General Motors is in its current predicament, according to a former quality manage

Toddler's dad researched hot-car deaths of children online, officer said in warrant

 The suspect in a Georgia toddler's death told police he used the Internet to research child deaths inside vehicles, a search warrant said.

Aereo suspending its streaming TV service

  Aereo, the streaming TV service, will shut down -- only temporarily, it says -- in the wake of Wednesday's climactic Supreme Court ruli

Source: Mexican helicopter crossed border, fired shots near U.S. agents

A Mexican law enforcement helicopter crossed into Arizona and fired two shots near U.S. border agents in what Mexican authorities later acknowledged was a mistake, a U.S. law enforcement official said Friday.

5 key questions about Georgia toddler Cooper Harris' hot-car death

 It's hard to think of a young child, strapped into a car seat under a baking sun, slowly succumbing to a hellish death. It's even harder to think that it could have been anything other than a tragic accident.