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A busy Santorum courts Republican establishment

Rick Santorum, the former Pennsylvania senator, conservative social crusader and perpetual GOP presidential candidate, sounded a downcast note over the weekend when asked about the possibility of another White House run in 2016.

8 tourist traps that are still worth visiting

Tourist traps -- overcrowded, over-hyped and, of course, overpriced. Yet we keep going. By the millions. Why? Because however one bad experience may make us feel about them, they're awesome.

Women arrested in Oregon for twerking and urinating in public

Three women were arrested for disorderly conduct Tuesday in Beaverton, Oregon. Police moved in when they started "twerking" outside a courthouse, Jamie Wilson reports more charges were filed once police investigated further.

Montana court rules 31-day rape sentence inadequate

A Montana teacher who served 31 days in jail for raping a 14-year-old girl who later killed herself must be re-sentenced, the Montana Supreme Court ordered Wednesday.

Heisman winner Jameis Winston accused of shoplifting crab legs

Florida State University quarterback Jameis Winston, who overcame a rape allegation and won the Heisman trophy, was cited for allegedly stealing crab legs from a grocery store, a source familiar with the investigation told CNN Wednesday.

Duck Commander Family Foods partners with Mello Joy Coffee

Mello Joy Coffee will collaborate with Duck Commander Family Foods to craft two new specialty coffee roasts in 12oz bags and single serve cups.

How test-tube meat could be the future of food

In a nondescript hotel ballroom last month at the South by Southwest Interactive festival, Andras Forgacs offered a rare glimpse at the sci-fi future of food.

Actor Bob Hoskins dies at 71, publicist says

Oscar-nominated British actor Bob Hoskins, known in part for roles in "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" and "Mermaids," died Tuesday at age 71, his publicist Clair Dobbs said Wednesday.

Oklahoma botches execution of death row inmate

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin issued a stay of execution Tuesday for one inmate after prison officials said another inmate's vein collapsed during an earlier execution attempt.

Police use cell phones to fight crime

Police have a powerful tool in their fight against crime, the same tool you use to text your friends and plan your week: Your phone.