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Did Beyonce's sister fight Jay Z?

A video that TMZ alleges is of Beyonce's younger sister having an altercation with the superstar's husband, Jay Z, has surfaced online.

Longing for the carefree parenting style of yesterday?

When Betty Draper of "Mad Men" lit a cigarette on her son's school bus during a class trip in a recent episode, I cracked up.

Michael Sam uniform a best seller

The uniform of Michael Sam, the league's first openly gay player, is the No. 2 seller from the NFL draft, according to

Obama congratulates Michael Sam, first openly gay player drafted by NFL

President Barack Obama congratulated Michael Sam on Saturday for being the first openly gay football player taken in the National Football League draft, the White House said in a statement.

DNC chairwoman: GOP using Benghazi to 'gin up their base' ahead of midterms

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz said Republicans are digging up the issue of the 2012 attack in Benghazi to drive turnout this election year.

Larry Wilmore of 'Daily Show' to succeed Colbert with 'Minority Report'

Comedy Central's successor to "The Colbert Report" will be "The Minority Report with Larry Wilmore."

Rubio says humans aren't behind climate change

Sen. Marco Rubio says he doesn't believe humans are causing climate change and doesn't think any action can reverse course.

Massachusetts Supreme Court rules regarding "Under God"

Massachusetts' highest court ruled Friday that the Pledge of Allegiance does not discriminate against atheists, saying that the words "under God" represent a patriotic, not a religious, exercise.

Fed EX Shooter has no remorse for killings

Geddy Kramer said he suffered from mental instability, frustration and depression. But as the 19-year-old embarked on a planned massacre at a FedEx facility north of Atlanta, he expressed no sadness, no regrets.

Villagers were warned attackers were coming

The terrifying news began to spread before the gun-wielding Islamist militants made it into Chibok last month. Villagers began to receive cell phone calls that the feared extremist group Boko Haram was on the way.