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Obama weighs sending National Guard to border

 The Obama administration, after initially resisting the idea, is weighing whether to deploy National Guard troops to the southern border to help address a surge of migrant youth from Central America, many of them unaccompanied, a White Ho

Comedic spelling mistake on UC Berkeley diploma goes viral

Alex Harris' UC Berkeley diploma is a little different than most because, as he puts it, "There's a small typo in it".

Train like a lady lumberjack

Shana Verstegen started logrolling when she was 7.

'Fifty Shades of Grey' trailer sees 'Red'

"Fifty Shades of Grey's" infamous "Red Room" has arrived.

'Weird Al' Yankovic hits No. 1 with 'Mandatory Fun'

It's "Mandatory": "Weird Al" Yankovic is Number One.

Arizona execution using new drug combination drags on for almost 2 hours

The state of Arizona executed Joseph Wood on Wednesday. It took him nearly two hours to die after his veins were injected with a novel combination of two drugs.

Acknowledging global unrest, Obama forges ahead with fundraising swing

As President Barack Obama helped Democrats bank millions in campaign cash on Tuesday, he acknowledged his administration is confronting "some big overseas challenges" in the Middle East, Ukraine and elsewhere.

CDC lab director resigns after anthrax incident

The head of the bioterrorism lab involved in potentially exposing dozens of workers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to deadly anthrax bacteria has resigned.

Microsoft's most boneheaded product is about to be killed off

 Microsoft is about to take the ax to one of the stupidest products it ever created.