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Vatican: Pope is not ill

A Vatican spokesman denied reports on Wednesday that Pope Francis is ill, saying that the curtailment of his public summer schedule is common for popes.

Best hotels along the California Coast

A summer road trip up California's Highway 1 wouldn't be complete without a top-notch selection of hotels to make your trip even dreamier.

Senators grill Dr. Oz about 'miracle' weight loss claims

Dr. Mehmet Oz, host of "The Dr. Oz Show," faced grilling by senators on Capitol Hill about the promotion of weight loss products on his show.

Patent office cancels Redskins trademarks

The U.S. Patent Office has canceled trademarks belonging to the Redskins football team, saying they are offensive to Native Americans.

Hidden man found beneath surface of famous Picasso painting

It took years and a good bit of detective work by art experts and scientists to unveil a painting hidden underneath Pablo Picasso's 1901 masterpiece "The Blue Room."

Can Amazon help 3-D finally catch on?

Over its extensive history, 3-D entertainment has seen its share of successes and failures.

Chronic stress can hurt your memory

Do you tend to forget things when you're stressed? Like when you're late for a meeting and can't remember where you left your car keys?

How to buy 1 million air miles for $6,500

A German entrepreneur claims to have found a way to buy 1 million air miles for as little as $6,500.

'Hurt Locker' team to take on Bergdahl story

The Bowe Bergdahl story may be coming to the big screen.