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Extreme turbulence: Stocks suffer steepest drop of 2014

If the stock market were a transatlantic flight, the ride just went from uncomfortably bumpy to white-knuckle turbulence. The Dow plunged 335 points on Thursday, its worst day of the entire year on a point basis.

Turkey says it won't launch ground action alone against ISIS

 Turkey's foreign minister insisted Thursday that it's not "realistic" for the world to expect it to go it alone in launching a ground operation against ISIS, even as a monitoring group said the extremists had seized a ch

Soda wars! Pepsi beats Coke on Wall Street

Pepsi is winning the soda -- or pop for you Midwesterners -- war on Wall Street.

Parents welcome, say goodbye to baby for whom they created bucket list

Before he was even born, Shane Michael Haley had already met the Philadelphia Phillies, been to the top of the Empire State Building and shared a cheesesteak with his parents.

Did Florida boys school officials send family a casket filled with wood?

For almost 90 years, the casket lay beneath the earth, Thomas Curry's family believing the teen who died too young rested in peace there, in an unmarked plot with his great-grandparents.

Debt has some college students thinking about dropping out

Some college students are having buyers' remorse.

Enough with the bleeping pumpkins!

Cinderella's fairy godmother turned a pumpkin into a golden carriage. If only we were so lucky. Fresh from our critique of Olive Garden, we sampled some of the many pumpkin-spiced food and beverages on the market.

Billionaire Carl Icahn: Apple is worth a lot more

Billionaire Carl Icahn is known to throw punches at corporate management, but he's lobbing a softball at Apple.

Alabama pastor with AIDS slept with church members

 A South Alabama Church -- the subject of a sex scandal. The church's now former preacher admitted from the pulpit to sleeping with several church members and not telling his partners he has full-blown aids.

MH17 passenger was found wearing oxygen mask, Dutch official says

 A passenger on Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was found wearing an oxygen mask when the victim's body was recovered in eastern Ukraine, the Dutch foreign minister and public prosecutor's office said.