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26 arrested for protesting outside Walmart billionaire's New York home

Hundreds of protesters picketed outside the home of Alice Walton, the billionaire daughter of Walmart's founder.

Apple unveils new iPads, releases OS X Yosemite

The iPad is getting a facelift. Apple unveiled new editions of the iPad and iPad Mini at an event in California on Thursday, where it also announced that its new Apple Pay system will launch on Monday, Oct. 20.

New Starbucks app will have your latte waiting

For those of you who just can't wait to spend $4 for your Venti latte, Starbucks is about to allow customers to pre-order and prepay for their daily caffeine hit using a mobile app.

Selena Gomez: I refuse to let critics win

Former Disney star Selena Gomez hasn't had the easiest year.

10-year-old shooter: 'I want to be an inspiration'

 She picks up the custom handgun painted in her favorite colors, purple and black.

From a bridal shop to an Ebola ward: Who is Amber Vinson?

 Over the weekend, Amber Vinson was in Ohio to plan her wedding. Today, the 29-year-old nurse is hospitalized in Atlanta, fighting the Ebola virus. What a difference a few days can make.

Medical examiner releases Joan Rivers' cause of death

 Comedian Joan Rivers died of "therapeutic complications" during a procedure to evaluate her "voice changes" and stomach reflux, the New York medical examiner said Thursday.

A travel tipping guide

 Marriott recently announced it would place envelopes in more than 160,000 rooms in the United States and Canada to encourage tipping the people who clean guest rooms.

One in every five U.S. cars recalled this year

There have been 52 million car and truck recalls in the United States so far this year.

Apple set to release new iPads

The iPad is due for a facelift. Apple is set to unveil new editions of the iPad and iPad Mini at an event in California on Thursday, and could also provide details on the launch of its new Apple Pay system.