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Chrysler parent is renamed Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

The reorganized Fiat and Chrysler Group got a new name - Fiat Chrysler Automobiles - and a new legal home on neutral territory in the Netherlands, the company announced Wednesday.

Are cruise ships floating petri dishes?

No one wants to spend their vacation in the bathroom. Reports of an outbreak of vomiting and diarrhea at sea have some imminent cruisers worried.

House expected to pass bill banning taxpayer funds for abortion

On the same day that the top Republican woman in the House will deliver the response to the President's State of the Union message, the GOP-led House of Representatives is expected to pass a controversial bill on an issue that divides women

Boehner warns Obama headed for 'brick wall'

House Speaker John Boehner warned President Barack Obama that he will "run into a brick wall" by using his executive power and bypassing Congress, as the White House has signaled the President intends to do.

Before Obama's speech, here's how we see the state of the Union

 You can set your watch by it. Within minutes of the start of a State of the Union address, the President will offer his assessment -- almost always positive -- of where America stands.

Louisiana switches lethal injection drugs for next week's execution

Ahead of next week's scheduled execution of convicted killer Christopher Sepulvado, the Louisiana Department of Corrections has switched to the same controversial two-drug combination that was used in Ohio this month, the Louisiana departme

Google Glass adds style, prescription lenses

Google Glass's vision for its future is coming into focus.

Obama to raise minimum wage for federal contractors

While President Barack Obama's attempts to increase the nation's minimum wage through legislation have stalled in Congress, the White House announced plans on Tuesday to use the president's executive powers to partially address the

H7N9 bird flu resurges in China ahead of Lunar New Year

When Mr He, a 39-year-old furniture factory owner came down with flu symptoms late last year, he wasn't worried. According to his family, the man, who worked in Guangdong province in southern China, had always been healthy.

VIDEO: Student sets self on fire in school cafeteria

A Colorado High School student is in critical condition after setting himself on fire in the cafeteria.