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Kim Kardashian's marriage milestone: 73 days with Kanye West

Looks like they made it. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been married for 73 days, a significant number given that her last marriage, to basketball player Kris Humphries, ended after 72 days.

'Our water is safe,' Toledo mayor says in lifting ban

A tap water ban affecting hundreds of thousands of people in Ohio was lifted Monday after tests in affected neighborhoods returned "nondetectable" levels of a algae-related toxin, Toledo Mayor D. Michael Collins said.

Secret serum likely saved Ebola patients

Three top secret, experimental vials stored at subzero temperatures were flown into Liberia last week in a last-ditch effort to save two American missionary workers who had contracted Ebola, according to a source familiar with details of the tr

Tropical Storm Bertha 'poorly organized' as its soaks Caribbean

Bertha isn't getting bigger -- and that's good news for those in the Caribbean.

The manhunt ended after CNN's 'The Hunt' tip: Who was Charles Mozdir?

The mugshot shows a fairly clean-cut man with short hair, his head cocked, sporting a half-smile. That was Charles Mozdir in 2012, when he stood accused of molesting a then 5-year-old boy in California.

They got Hoffa-ed: Lives turned upside down in search for Teamsters boss

The knock came for Pat Szpunar one afternoon in September 2012. At her door on a quiet corner in Roseville, a northeast suburb of Detroit, stood two local police detectives.

65 die in China factory explosion, says state news

A factory explosion killed 65 people early Saturday in China, according to state news agency Xinhua. The blast in the eastern Jiangsu Province injured an additional 150 people, Xinhua said, citing officials.

Water alert affects more than 400,000 in Toledo, Ohio

Don't use, drink, cook with, or even boil any of the water in Toledo, Ohio. Restaurants should close up for the day.

U.S. official: Spy plane flew over Sweden to evade Russian military tracking

A U.S. Air Force spy plane evaded an encounter with the Russian military in recent days by flying into nearby Swedish airspace without that country's permission, a U.S. military official told CNN.

Cadaver dogs assist in Ukraine crash site search

Cadaver dogs are helping 70 experts scour the debris field of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 for remains, according to the the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, which is monitoring the search of the crash site in eastern Ukrain