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French library discovers rare Shakespeare's First Folio

 PARIS (CNN) -- A librarian in northern France made what may be the discovery of his lifetime when he uncovered a rare Shakespeare's First Fol

Inventor creates watch that fires laser

 (CNN) -- It cuts through plastic! It burns holes in walls!

Thanksgiving travel: Messy mix of snow, rain and delayed flights

Here's one thing some will not be so thankful for: a messy mix of snow, rain and sleet for Turkey Day.

Carson: Race relations have gotten worse under Obama

Ben Carson, a black conservative activist and neurosurgeon considering a 2016 presidential run, said Tuesday that race relations "have gotten worse" because President Barack Obama puts too much emphasis on race.

Michael Brown's stepfather at rally: 'Burn this b---- down!'

 Michael Brown's stepfather consoled the dead teen's distraught mother after Monday's controversial grand jury announcement and then turned to the crowd of demonstrators, saying, "Burn this motherf---er down" and &quo

Major storm expected to snarl Thanksgiving travel in Northeast

(CNN) -- If you're heading to the East Coast this Thanksgiving, you may want to get an early start.

High school student uses social media to run prostitution ring

 A bust at a high school in Venice, Florida has left students stunned. Isabel Mascarenas reports a student was using social media to run a prostitution ring.

Drone pilot wanted: Starting salary $100,000

 NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Drone jobs are in high demand.

Venice officials deny ban on wheeled suitcases

 Don't throw out your roller bag just yet. Officials in the Italian city of Venice are denying a reported ban on wheeled luggage, saying they won't impose large fines on tourists using them.

Lung cancer battle: Time for action

 For the 108,000 women who are diagnosed with lung cancer each year, Lung Cancer Awareness Month can be a lonely time of year. Lung cancer kills nearly twice as many women as breast cancer.