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Sochi Olympics: 10 defining moments

Let the Games begin. Thousands of athletes from over 80 different countries are ready to descend on Sochi as the 2014 Winter Olympics begin in Russia.

Ecuador's spectacular Andean train rises again

A blast from the steam whistle on a cherry-red locomotive sends a gathering of locals on a platform scuttling with delight in the town of Durán, Ecuador.

Job created for former Christie ally goes away

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey job created for Gov. Chris Christie's former ally David Wildstein no longer exists.

Stocks: Looking steady, except for Twitter

Markets are looking relatively upbeat Thursday as investors wait for U.S. jobs data and central bank news from Europe, but Twitter shareholders aren't feeling so chipper.

Paul says GOP infighting is a good thing

Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky told a crowd of social conservatives Wednesday that fighting within the GOP is for the best.

Sochi: Athletes, fans set for Russia's Winter Olympics spectacle

After all the consternation over security, the controversy over gay rights, and the ridicule over poor preparations, the Sochi Games are here.

Sandra Fluke to pass on Congress but run for state Senate seat

After considering a run for a Congressional seat in California, women's rights activist Sandra Fluke announced Wednesday she'll run for a state Senate seat instead.

Area 51 spy plane and other aviation tales

It looks like an upside-down bathtub with wings, pretty odd for a spy jet that was among the nation's most highly classified pieces of military hardware.

David Beckham confirms Miami franchise in Major League Soccer

Since retiring he has been relaxing by building Lego models, but David Beckham is back in football -- and this time he's got his very own team.

Clay Aiken launches bid for Congress

Singer Clay Aiken of "American Idol" fame is running for Congress.