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Alfonso Ribeiro dusts off 'The Carlton' on 'Dancing With the Stars'

Alfonso Ribeiro didn't make us wait long before he revived "The Carlton" on "Dancing With the Stars."

Source: '7th Heaven' actor subject of molestation allegations

Stephen Collins, who starred in the television show "7th Heaven," is the target of an ongoing child molestation probe into an alleged incident 40 years ago in New York, a senior law enforcement official told CNN on Tuesday.

New link between coffee beans and human genes

You can blame that third cup of Joe on your genes. A recent study has found six new genetic variants that could dictate the volume -- and frequency -- of a person's daily coffee consumption.

Man pushing giant testicle across U.S. for cancer

A 31-year old man is raising awareness for testicular cancer in the ballsiest of ways.

What's next in the fight over same-sex marriage?

Never has the Supreme Court said so much when saying so little.

Hands-free phone calls are distracting too

If you think making hands-free phone calls while driving makes you safer, think again.

'Twin Peaks' returning -- on Showtime

Prepare a pot of damn fine coffee and enjoy a slice of cherry pie: "Twin Peaks" is coming back.

Jennifer Lawrence: Hacking nude photos is a 'sex crime'

Jennifer Lawrence does not mince words about the hacking that put her personal nude photos in the public eye: It's a "sex crime," she said.

Self-funded and deep-rooted: How ISIS makes its millions

On the southern edge of Turkey, rolling brown pastoral hills slope gently to the Syrian border, with small towns like this one dotting the horizon. The calm on this side of the border, however, belies the scene on the other side.

'Twin Peaks' returning -- on Showtime

Prepare a pot of damn fine coffee and enjoy a slice of cherry pie: "Twin Peaks" is coming back.