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Can Ebola survive on a surface? That and other questions answered

(CNN) -- Thomas Eric Duncan traveled from Liberia to Texas before testing positive for Ebola.

Now Warren Buffett wants to sell you a car

 Would you buy a used car from Warren Buffett? How about a new one?

More than 1 million GM cars with fatal defect still on road

More than 1 million General Motor cars with a defect tied to at least 23 deaths are still on the road today.

Is demoted planet Pluto making a comeback?

Poor Pluto. Is it or isn't it a planet?

The 5 biggest Facebook hoaxes

Seriously, don't believe everything you read on the Internet. Intentionally or not, the latest round of misleading stories making viral waves has made it harder to tell truth from fiction.

Dog rescued after being stuck in hot tar

A five-month-old dog that fell into hot tar spilled around a construction site in northern India was eventually saved by a four-hour rescue operation.

Teachers accused of threesome with Louisiana student

Two high school teachers in Louisiana are accused of having sex with a student. The women face felony charges of carnal knowledge of a juvenile, contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile and indecent behavior with a juvenile.

Coke and Pepsi launch competing green stevia sodas

The biggest soda companies in the world are locking horns with new low-calorie drinks that share a common ingredient: stevia, a plant used as a sweetener.

College GOP: 'Say yes' to Scott's dress

Florida Republican Gov. Rick Scott is a ... wedding dress?

Adam Sandler is making 4 movies for Netflix

Adam Sandler is coming to Netflix. The veteran comedian has agreed to produce and star in four feature films that will be released exclusively on the streaming video service.