Nast flu virus hits East Texas

Tuesday, January 8, 2013 - 2:13pm

It's flu season and it's not going unnoticed. The CDC says the intensity of the flu activity in Texas is "high."

Flu cases are high and medicine supply is low, even people who got the flu shot are still winding up in the emergency room. The flu is widespread across the country, and we're on target for one of the worst flu seasons on record.

John Moore, from Trinity Mother Frances, said, "Not every person that comes into the emergency care center is tested for the flu, but out of those who are, between 1/4 and 1/5 are testing positive so we have a lot of flu cases right now." Experts say the flu is extremely contagious. "Keep in mind if you go into a waiting room during flu season and you don't have the flu it is a place you might wind up getting the flu," said Moore. He suggests people wear a face mask to prevent getting sick.

Some speculate that the virus going around is not covered by this year's vaccine. However, the CDC disagrees and a local pharmacist explains. Brad Martin, from Kinsey Pharmacy said, "Well the three major strains are covered that's going around this year but the virus can have a variation, but the strains are covered." He says they've seen an increase of people coming in for the prescription Tamiflu. "The best thing to do is to get the flu vaccine and if you get the flu your body will have a head start and it will be less severe and shorter in duration," said Martin.

We also received a report from ETMC that this past weekend they tested 66 patients for the flu and 18 came back positive, 15 of those were influenza "type A" and three were influenza "type B." If you know someone with the flu be sure you keep your distance so you don't catch any nasty variation that is going around this season.


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