Nacogdoches ISD increases security after rumored campus fight

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School absence rate goes up on Friday

Friday, May 4, 2012 - 3:45pm

NACOGDOCHES — UPDATE: Nacogdoches ISD released the following statement to KFXK:

Our high school attendance rate averages around 95%, so today when we saw  the rate around 66%, we were naturally concerned. We will submit a waiver toTEA. TEA has a processes for dealing with low daily attendance rates that are abnormal to the average daily rate of a district.

The high school administration has done an excellent job of responding to rumors and issues of concern among our students on the campus and in the community.  We appreciate the City and County for their support of our students while we addressed the issue. Both the county and the city sent officers to the campus to assist us in ensuring a smooth and safe start and ending of the school day.

The message that I would like to send to our parents and community is that we are working very hard to maintain the excellent environment on the high school campus that you expect. Please understand that any student or community member who approaches any Nacogdoches ISD campus with intent to disrupt the educational process will find a swift and severe response. We are here to provide a safe and secure learning environment for our students and any attempt to disrupt that goal will  not be tolerated.


ORIGINAL STORY: A rumored fight on the Nacogdoches High School campus led to a heightened absence rate on Friday.
According to Nacogdoches ISD officials, rumors had been floating around campus on Thursday about a gang fight that might involve weapons on Friday.
Security was increased on campus as a precautionary measure, but school authorities tell KETK, there was never a weapon found, and they believe it to just be a rumor.
Still, parents of many Nacogdoches ISD students opted to keep their children out of school Friday.
The school district's attendance rate for Friday was 66%, down from an average daily attendance rate of 95%. School leaders tell us, 554 students were absent out of the total 1697 enrolled.
Nacogdoches ISD authorities tell KFXK, they are still taking the situation very seriously, and will continue to monitor the issue to ensure the safety of all students on campus.



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