Lufkin Panthers raise money for new football helmets

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Thursday, August 29, 2013 - 8:32am

The Lufkin Panthers will be sporting new football helmets this year.

Helmets which will be safer.

"This is the one studies have proven it could reduce the risk of it (concussions) and that is what we wanted it for our kids," said head coach Todd Quick.

The varsity team had 7 days to raise $10,000.

"We told them before we started it was either all or none. You either got all 77 or we couldn't get any. We weren't going to put some in this helmet and some not in it," said Quick.

They sold coupons for different businesses around the area, with their picture and their schedule on the card.

They sold the coupons for $20 a piece and ended up raising $20,000.

And all 77 were divided into groups, so the receivers were competing against the d-backs and the o-line against the d-line and it became a competition to see who could raise the most money.

"People who didn't even want the cards were buying them just because of the love of Panther football," said Senior Wacey Hartman.

The panthers will be showing off their new, safer purple helmets for their first game against John Tyler this Friday.

"Now the masks have gone to the gray to give a little contrast in it. Kids love it and half the people are going to wonder why we changed it and half the people will love them, but when you start talking to them about it being a safety issue for the kids then they're for it,'' said Quick.


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