Longview warns of utility scam

Monday, May 14, 2012 - 3:56pm

Longview, TX — The City of Longview is warning customers about a scam that targets water utility customers and has already impacted some Longview residents. As part of the scam, customers are told that President Obama and the federal government will provide a credit or directly pay utility bills. The scammers then give customers a fraudulent bank routing number with which to pay the bills.

Reports from other parts of the country state that scammers have contacted customers by a variety of methods, including text message, social media, phone, and door-to-door. Since May 9, approximately 33 customers have attempted to use the fraudulent account number in Longview.

According to Willie Marshall, Customer Service Manager with the City of Longview Water Utilities, “Our customers need to know that there is scam out there, and that the bank routing number given is fraudulent. The federal government is not providing a credit for their local water utilities account.”

Customers are encouraged not to provide strangers with any personal information. Customers who used the fraudulent bank routing number are still responsible for their water utilities bill and should make arrangements for payment. To arrange for payment, please contact the Longview Water Utilities Department at 903-237-1030.

Customers with any information about the scam are encouraged to contact the Longview Police Department at 903-237-1199.


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