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Rick Perry rides Tea Party wave to victory in Texas

"Don't Mess with Texas" has long been the informal motto of Texas - and Gov. Rick Perry promptly adopted it as the slogan for his resounding win in last night's GOP primary vote.

Obama Calls for 'Up or Down' Vote on Health

WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama, hoping to move the health-care debate to its final stages, called on lawmakers to schedule a vote in the next few weeks. "No matter which approach you favor, I believe the United States Congress owes the Americ

Rove admits to error on Iraq as Bush strategist

NEW YORK - Republican strategist Karl Rove says in a new memoir that the failure to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq badly damaged the Bush administration's credibility and led to dwindling public support for the war. The former White Hous

Chile steps up hunt for quake victims

CONCEPCION, Chile – Rescue crews with sniffer dogs fanned out around Chile's earthquake-ravaged cities and villages on Wednesday, searching for survivors inside the mountains of rubble. Four days after the 8.8-magnitude earthquake killed around 80

NASCAR making change to cars

NASCAR is weeks away from making a small but significant change to its car, one that could dramatically impact how races run from here on out. NASCAR will be removing the rear wings on cars and replacing them with spoilers, which had been in use u

Child services investigates stun gun at Jackson home

LOS ANGELES – An attorney for Michael Jackson's mother confirms that child services workers are investigating the presence of a stun gun at the Jackson family home, but he says the late singer's children were never exposed to the weapon. Attorney

President Obama wants comprehensive bill, GOP ideas

In a letter to congressional leadership on Tuesday, President Barack Obama did not explicitly advocate the use of reconciliation to pass health care reform into law.

Mexico's spring break king rebounds

CANCUN, Mexico – Mexico's spring break king — Cancun — is rebounding quickly from last year's triple blow to its tourism industry caused by the country's swine flu epidemic, drug violence and a global economic crisis. Those worries couldn't compet

Investigators bust one of the world’s largest botnets

SAN FRANCISCO – Authorities have smashed one of the world's biggest networks of virus-infected computers, a data vacuum that stole credit cards and online banking credentials from as many as 12.7 million poisoned PCs. The "botnet" of infected comp