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Guess the celebrity birthday game

Ben and Katie play the Friday edition of Fox 51 Today's "Guess the celebrity birthday"

Officials discover case of anthrax in Texas deer

AUSTIN - The first confirmed case of anthrax in a Texas animal for 2012 has been detected in an adult white-tailed male deer near Uvalde (Uvalde County). At this time no domestic livestock are involved.

NASA team member to train Tyler ISD teachers

Tyler – Director of NASA’s Mars Education Program at Arizona State University, Sheri Klug Boonstra, will conduct training for Tyler Independent School District teachers who

UPDATE: 2 brothers hit by car in Cherokee County; 1 child has died

Wells — Two brothers were hit by a car driving northbound on CR 2741, according to the Cherokee County Department of Public Safety.

5 Longview retailers sold alcohol to minors during police sting

LONGVIEW — On Friday, June 9, 2012 the Longview Police Department, partnering with the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) and Longview Partners in Prevention (PIP), conducted off‐premise minor stings at area retailers to validate

Garrison woman shoots at former boss's home

Nacogdoches County — A Garrison woman is behind bars after taking her anger out on a former boss.

Rusk County woman who lied about rape gets probation, part-time jail sentence

Rusk County — On Tuesday, Amanda G. Jimerson's deferred adjudication probation was revoked and she was found guilty by District Judge J.

First 75 mph interstate signs sprout up across East Texas

New speed limit signs are going up on Interstate 20 in East Texas from the Louisiana state line west to Kaufman County, officially making the speed limit 75 mph.

Man arrested for duct taping young boy, locking him in trunk

LAKE CHARLES, LA — A 19 year old man is locked up tonight after admitting to duct taping the hands, feet and mouth of a 12 year old boy and then locking him in the trunk of a car.

Tyler ISD receives state test scores

Tyler – This school year, ninth grade students and seventh and eighth grade students enrolled in high school courses began taking the State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness (STAAR) End of Course (EOC) exams rather than the Texas