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Five people robbed at gunpoint in Tyler park

Five men were allegedly robbed at gunpoint in a Tyler park late Wednesday evening. It happened at City Park on North Broadway and Queen St., just after 10:00pm.  

What is an assault rifle?

Guns and gun control are again on the front burner in American politics. But as usual, there are a lot of misconceptions and just plain misinformation about firearms in that dialogue. You pull the trigger and it goes bang.

llinois Man fine $30k for drawing semen from deer smuggled into East Texas

A 55-year-old Braidwood, Illinois geneticist has been sentenced for acquiring semen from illegally imported deer in the Eastern District of Texas, announced U.S. Attorney John M. Bales today.

Pre-New Year’s Dance at Tyler Senior Center

Celebrate the New Year a little early at the Tyler Senior Center with the rich sounds of George Faber and Friends. An exciting “Pre-New Year’s Dance” is planned for Dec.

Smith County grocery store expects to receive alcohol permit Thursday

What is believed to be the first Smith County grocery store to be approved to sell beer and wine since the General Election will begin stocking shelves Thursday.

Twin Peaks plans to expand into East Texas

Twin Peaks has announced Wednesday they will expand into several new markets, including East Texas.

Tyler earns Sea of Goodwill award

The City of Tyler has been recognized by Homeward Deployed, an organization supporting the successful transition of men and women from our armed services into civilian life, with their Sea of Goodwill Award.

People's Petroleum Building: Tyler landmark sees new life

It started out as the People's Bank Building built in 1931 and '32 and added onto years later.

Are teens struggling with disorder or environment?

Many teens are struggling with mental disorders, some need medication and some don't.

East Texans say tamales are "muy bueno!"

It's a week away from Christmas, which means now is the time to stock up on your Christmas tamales! A family owned business here in Tyler, has more than just one cooking specialty, they mix Italian cuisine with their Mexican heritage.