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South Texas mother charged with capital murder of newborn

 Hidalgo County sheriff investigators have arrested a mother for murder of her newborn baby.

Autopsy: Longview teen killed by 5 gunshot wounds

The autopsy has been returned and released by officials in the shooting death of 15-year-old Justin Michael Aguilar.

East Texas Christian school named one of top 30 in nation

A website that focuses on providing the public with resources for campus and online education recently released their list of the top Christian schools in America. Making the list is a well-known East Texas school.

Marijuana advocate ousted from Texas church

 A Beaumont woman claims she has been cast out of her church for her use of medicinal marijuana.

Texas Game Warden Notes: 'They are watching me right now!'

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Police: Pair attempts to hide marijuana in ETX day care

 Two Lufkin residents were taken into custody Monday afternoon for allegedly trying to hide marijuana in a local day care.

Police: Texas man could be serial killer; cases may go back decades

The investigation of a man suspected in the deaths of at least seven women in northwest Indiana could expand to other states and stretch back decades, authorities said.

Recent rains bring reports of record ducks headed to Texas

For the first time in several years, ducks heading into Texas won’t be landing in the dirt thanks to decent rainfall across much of the state in recent months.

Texas to create Ebola treatment, infectious disease bio containment facility

 Gov. Rick Perry today announced the creation of a state-of-the-art Ebola treatment and infectious disease bio containment facility in North Texas.

Hoax Ebola story circulating East Texas area

 A story concerning Ebola is circulating East Texas and causing fears in the communtiy. A local hospital has released a statement to quell the concerns. The Titus Regional Medical Center put out the following release: