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Former Tyler dentist sentenced to 20 years in prison

The retired Tyler dentist convicted of shooting his wife to death back in June of 2012 has been sentenced to 20 years in jail.

Multiple tires slashed in Whitehouse

Whitehouse Police are investigating multiple reports of slashed tires all over the city. They tell KETK the reports started coming in Thursday morning. Around 15 vehicles were targeted, but they say it could be more.

ETX juvenile kills man, charged with 1st degree murder

A juvenile is facing murder charges after he allegedly killed a man on Wednesday.

Authorities release more information on officer-involved Alto shooting

Authorities were dispatched Wednesday afternoon to the scene of an officer-involved shooting in Alto on Highway 69.

Jones says Garrett has put down 'tremendous' foundation, despite what offseason changes may appear to say

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram covers the Cowboys. Here's the latest from Jerry Jones.

Texas 31 deaths spur calls for safety changes along road

A wreck on Texas 31 that set off a chain of events leading to the deaths of two men Friday has spurred a push for improvements to the stretch often referred to as “Bloody 31.”

Van ISD to allow select staff to carry concealed handguns

Authorities with Van ISD tell KETK, they have taken the steps toward allowing select staff members to carry concealed handguns on campus in order to protect the students.

Smith County clerk introduces new marriage license

The Smith County Clerk’s Office is introducing an updated, color design for Smith County Marriage Licenses, just in time for couples tying the knot at Valentine’s Day.  

Stolen property leads to car chase, shooting in Angelina County

ANGELINA COUNTY, TEXAS (FOX 51) — Three people are being questioned Wednesday for an alleged shooting in the Lufkin area.

Jacksonville city manager: Property auctioned without consent

Jacksonville, Tx (FOX 51) — Confusion has engulfed the sale of Lon Morris college this week.