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Load of hay being hauled by 18-wheeler on fire in ETX

Anderson County, Texas (KETK) — The Palestine Fire Department tells KETK the load of hay being hauled by an 18-wheeler has erupted in flames.

Hopkins Co. drops burn ban

Hopkins County, Texas (FOX 51) — According to the Texas A&M Forest Service, Hopkins County has now dropped their burn ban.

TX 'Most Wanted Sex Offender' captured

David Martinez Maldonado, 54, a Texas 10 Most Wanted Sex Offender, is now in custody after being arrested on Friday in Colorado. Maldonado is considered a high-risk sex offender and was wanted for failure to register as a sex offender.

National horse championship being held in East Texas

All over East Texas, you see plenty of horses. But, some are coming to the area to win the grand prize! More than 400 horses are expected to show for this year's competition.

Sen. Ted Cruz talks overnight in opposition of Obamacare

Ted Cruz says he wasn't elected to the Senate to stay quiet. And his refusal upon entering Congress to observe its protocol to sit back and learn like a freshman, as expected, rubbed some of his more senior colleagues the wrong way.

EXCLUSIVE: 3 Pine Tree football players arrested for drug possesion, 1 also booked on theft charges

Sources tell KETK News, three Pine Tree football players were arrested this week, for possessing marijuana back in June. KETK has also confirmed, all three players have been playing in every game for the Pirates this season.

VIDEO: Flu season is around the corner

The start of flu season is less than a week away so you may want to start to think about getting your flu shot.

VIDEO: Illegal immigrants on the rise

The number of immigrants crossing the border illegally into the United States appears to be on the rise again, after dropping during the recession.

VIDEO: Is the government too powerful?

In a recent poll, a record number of Americans believe the government has too much power. 60 percent think the government has too much power, while 32 percent think they have the right amount.

VIDEO: 'Made in America Revival' gaining momentum

The "Made in America Revival" is gaining more momentum across the nation. The majority of manufacturing executives are now considering pulling some production back from China.