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Texas AG Abbott vows during Longview stop to bring local values to Austin

A potential governor who hails from Longview told local supporters Tuesday he hopes to take their values to the Governor’s Mansion in 2015.

VIDEO: '2 Million Bikers to D.C.' denied permit request, will ride anyway in honor of 9/11 victims, armed forces

Organizers of the "2,000,000 Bikers to D.C." hoped for a special "non-stop" riding permit to cruise through Washington, D.C., in remmeberance of those lost September 11

"Heads Up" making football safer

We all know football is a rough sport. It's tough on the body, and as an old Houstonian, I was one of those who cheered the heroics of Earl Campbell, never thinking of where it leads physically.

East Texas State Fair gates open soon

The gates to the 98th Annual East Texas State Fair opens September 20th and it's nine days of fun.

Parents watch your wallets, it's time for homecoming!

While high school football players are worried about which team they'll be playing this homecoming game, the ladies are usually more worried about the mums.

Tanker truck overturned at Highway 259, Woodlawn in Kilgore

According to Kilgore Police Department Assistant Chief Roman Roberson, a tanker truck has overturned at Highway 259 and Woodlawn Street. Woodlawn is completely blocked due to the accident.

ETX officials recover several pounds of K-2

The Nacogdoches County Sheriff's Office has confiscated several pounds of synthetic marijuana known as K-2, that was surrendered by two area stores.

Fired Longview officer to receive award from governor

A former Longview police officer fired after an on-the-job injury resulted in her missing more than a year of full-time duty has returned to police work and will be recognized this week by Gov. Rick Perry.

If the NSA can hack your bank account, who else can?

Revelations that the National Security Agency can break through web site encryptions and access huge amounts of personal data has raised questions about how safe our day-to-day financial dealings really are.

67 year old man sentenced to 35 years for raping son's prom date

A 67-year-old who was convicted by a jury in August of having raped his son's prom date was sentenced, Monday, to 35 years in prison.