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Updates from Meals on Wheels

Zoe Lawhorn with Meals on Wheels stops by to give us some great updates and tell us about a great donate they received.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Stephanie Taylor with Northeast Texas Public Health District talks about Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Great Dinner Options with Fat Catz Louisiana Kitchen

Cedric Fletcher with Fat Catz Louisiana Kitchen shows us some great meal options their have.

Doc Wilkes House of Horrors

Doc Eugene Wilkes & friends from Doc Wilkes House of Horrors talks with us about the great scares people can have at their haunted house.

Interview with "Blackfish"

Gabriela Cowperthwaite, film diector & John Jett, former whale trainer talk with us about the TV premier of the documentary "Blackfish".

Halloween Treats with Village Bakery

David Robins with Village Bakery shows us some of their best options for Halloween treats.

Longview Police continue to investigate dead body found earlier this month

On October 14, 2013 at 1:42 p.m., Longview Police were investigating suspicious activity in the 1000 Block of Sabine Street.

Cruz pheasant hunts, bashes Obamacare in Iowa

Decked out in blaze orange and tan hunting gear with a coffee in one hand and a shotgun in the other, tea party favorite Texas Sen.

Louisiana Department of Health confirms fourth West Nile death

The Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals has confirmed the state's fourth West Nile virus death this year.

Seasonal Cakes with Janie's Cakes

Janie Clapp with Janie's Cake talks about her seasonal cakes.