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E.P.A. asks for stricter rules for pollutants causing smog

WASHINGTON — The Environmental Protection Agency proposed a stricter new standard for smog-causing pollutants on Thursday that, if adopted, will impose large costs on industry and local governments but will also bring substantial health benefits to m

President Obama: Security failure 'my responsibility'

WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama on Thursday accepted responsibility for intelligence shortcomings that led to a failed Christmas Day bombing plot on a Detroit-bound airliner, saying, “Ultimately, the buck stops with me.

Conservatives finish 2009 as no. 1 ideological group

PRINCETON, NJ — The increased conservatism that Gallup first identified among Americans last June persisted throughout the year, so that the final year-end political ideology figures confirm Gallup's initial reporting: conservatives (40%) outnu

Wife 'proud' of CIA bomber

The Turkish wife of the Jordanian suicide bomber who killed seven CIA agents in Afghanistan expressed pride on Thursday in what he had done. "I am proud of my husband. He carried out a great operation in this war.

Japan, MLB discuss global series

TOKYO — The champions of U.S.

New Freeze Looms for Gulf Coast Growers

The latest arctic outbreak now following the cross-country snowstorm will bring a new risk of a damaging freeze from South Texas to Louisiana to the Florida Peninsula beginning this weekend. The upcoming outbreak will hit in southern Texas first F

Obama security adviser says bomb report a shocker

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Americans will feel "a certain shock" from a White House report to be released on Thursday on security lapses in the attempted December 25 bombing of a Detroit-bound airliner, U.S.

3 dead, 5 wounded in St. Louis plant shooting

ST. LOUIS – Authorities now say three people are dead and five are wounded after a man armed with an assault rifle and a handgun opened fire at a St. Louis manufacturing plant. Police Capt. Sam Dotson confirmed the number but did not have names.

Wind chills of -50, snow imperil Midwest

DES MOINES, IOWA– Snow was piled so high in Iowa that drivers couldn't see across intersections and a North Dakota snowblower repair shop was overwhelmed with business as heavy snow and wind chills as low as 52 below zero blasted much of the Midwest

Schwarzenegger wants more federal money for California

SACRAMENTO, California - California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger on Wednesday vowed to pry more dollars from the federal government, which he said took more than it gave, but left details on how to close a $19.9 billion state budget gap until later