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'Suspicious' Fire at Colonial Hills Baptist Church interrupts service

TYLER — Around 11:30 Sunday morning, the congregation at Colonial Hills Baptist Church in Tyler had just settled into their seats to listen to the pastor's sermon. But this Sunday, something was a little off...

Four-car pileup on Highway 31

SMITH COUNTY — An early morning accident sent one person to a local hospital. It happened off the 16,500 block of Highway 31 E, one block east of Johnson's Grocery.

Former Bullard officer indicted for sexual assault

A former Bullard police officer was indicted on one charge last week. The Texas Rangers say Steven Morris was indicted on a charge of sexual assault of a child.

City officials: "Tyler is growing in every direction"

Tyler — The city of Tyler is putting in a new water and sewer line along U.S. 69 North up to -Interstate 20.

Will Japan's auto industry be affected?

The disaster in Japan is unparalleled in the country’s recent history, and comes at a time when the Japanese are near the top of the heap in many industries such as cars and electronics.

Phillips guilty of improper visual recording

TYLER — A Tyler man has pleaded guilty to improper visual recording with intent to gratify. Lance Phillips, 27, was sentenced to two years in prison, which was probated to 5 years probation.

TX proposal to shut down puppy mills concerns breeders

Texas — State lawmakers are looking at a new proposal that would make Texas dog and cat breeders who have more than ten unspayed female animals to have annual inspections and background checks.

Two Lindale ISD campuses named distinguished schools

Lindale Junior High School and E.J. Moss Intermediate School have been recognized as National Title 1, Part A Distinguished Performance Schools by the No Child Left Behind Program Coordination at the Texas Education Agency.

Rusk man charged with sexual assault

TYLER — A Rusk man is behind bars after sexually assaulting a woman. Michael Parker was arrested Monday and charged with sexual assault.

Report: Texas fails to discipline doctors hospitals have punished

A new report says Texas is among the states that does not pursue many of the doctors who have been punished by hospitals, including ones the hospitals have barred.