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2-year-old drowns in Tyler

TYLER — A 2-year-old boy died on Saturday after drowing in a pond near his home. It happened at 10282 Seven Hills Road in Tyler.

Red cross releases statement concerning U.S. citizens in Japan

TYLER — At this time the Red Cross in unable to accept inquiries to contact or locate family and friends in Japan . However, there are several resources available as follows.

TJC group safe in Hawaii

UPDATE 1:06 P.M.: As of right now, the TJC group's flight is scheduled to leave on time, but they have not made it to the airport yet.

Alleged Aryan Brotherhood member arrested in Hudson meth raid

A Lufkin man believed to be one of the last ranking Aryan Brotherhood members in Angelina County, was arrested during a Thursday morning methamphetamine raid in Hudson, according to Angelina County Sheriff’s Office investigator Tom Matthe

More motions filed in case against Mineola teacher

QUITMAN - A motion to have former teacher JoAnn Stephens' attorney removed from her defense is set to be heard in Wood County District Court in Quitman at 1:30 p.m Friday.

Longview police catch alleged burglars after chase

Longview police officers were led on a short foot chase Wednesday that begin in the 100 block of West Avelon Street.

Gov. Perry deflects blame for teacher layoffs

Texas school districts have for months pointed the finger at the state's spartan budget proposals for forcing them to lay off thousands of teachers and other employees.

City of Hudson passes K2 ban

HUDSON — Hudson Police will be enforcing a K2 ban passed by city council Tuesday night.

Brookshires' FRESH makes grand opening

TYLER — Brookshires' FRESH is making it's much anticipated opening Thursday with a ceremonial bell ringing.

Fatal wreck near UT Tyler; University drive shut down

TYLER —  Authorities have confirmed 1 death and 3 injuries in an accident on University Drive near UT Tyler.