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East Texas due for a freeze

TYLER - Temperatures have been dropping for more than a week now and East Texas is past due for a severe freeze. Jessica Wilson explains what should be on East Texans check list before one hits.

Waskom: Man dies after attack by pet deer

Breaking news out of Waskom this morning: Harrison County Sheriff's Department Public Information Officer Jay Web confirms a man in his 60s has just died after being attacked by his pet deer.

Deficit reduction by the numbers

It is ambitious and controversial, and it would cut massive chunks from future federal budget deficits. It is a proposal from the co-chairs of the Federal Deficit Commission, and the howls of protest have already begun.

Tea Partiers say they want Joe Straus out

TYLER - Joe Straus, the Speaker of the Texas House is facing some criticism from tea partiers in East Texas and across the state. They say he's not conservative enough.

Deputies make an arrest in Chapel Hill murder case

TYLER - Back in September, 19-year-old Amanda Anderson was found dead in her home. Authorities say she had been shot in the head and on Wednesday deputies made a breakthrough.

Record turnout at Veterans Job Fair

An estimated 800 job-seekers showed up at today's annual Veteran focused job fair over a course of just 4 hours. A representative with the fair said it's probably the best turnout they've had in 10 years.

A new jail bond vote?

You have to award points for persistence. Smith County Commissioners are talking about a jail bond election again, and as soon as this May.

Charlie Waters: Cowboys could use a miracle

TYLER - Former Dallas Cowboy Charlie Waters made his way to Tyler Tuesday night. With Jerry Jones recent firing of head coach Wade Phillips, Waters says, he wishes Wade the best.

Reports say holiday hiring is up this year

Auren Taylor is looking for work. He recently moved from a small Arkansas town because he says East Texas has more employment opportunities.

More aging drivers on the road; NTSB taking action to prevent injuries

The National Transportation Safety Board says the number of people with driver's licenses that are 65 and older is growing.