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State look to better protect stalking victims

TEXAS-- One in twelve women are stalked every year in the U.S., and most of them know their stalker. Now, a proposed bill in Texas would make it easier for police to get involved.  

Second Gregg County Jailer is arrested

LONGVIEW - New details into an investigation on a Gregg County jail inmate's death last week, reveals several jail employees were falsifying records and now two arrests have been made, five have been fired and one resigned.

Gregg County Jail's problematic past

The Gregg County Jail has problems…several of them. And the latest incidents are only the most recent of a spate of mistakes and misbehavior at the jail.

New bill proposes special licenses for drunk drivers

A bill proposed by State Representative Pete Gallego from District 74 could put markings on the licenses of those who have been convicted of DWI. It might end up being a colored border around the license, for example.

New Congress to vote on repeal of Health Care Law

The 112th Congress will be sworn in Wednesday, and the new as well as conservative Republicans say they will do the job they were sent there for. Getting rid of Obamacare, they say, is the first item of business.

Officials identify Longview man hit by train

On December 28, 2010 at approximately 5:44 A.M., officers responded to a call of a pedestrian that had been struck by an oncoming train on the tracks located between Green Street and Fredonia Street.

Second jailer arrested in death of Gregg County inmate

LONGVIEW, TX --- The name of the second jailer arrested in connection to the death of a Gregg County inmate has been released. Brian West, 30, of White Oak was arrested and charged with tampering with government records.

Longview woman's purse stolen after attack

On Monday at approximately 6:43 a.m., officers were dispatched to the 300 Block of Lake Lamond Road for an aggravated robbery.

Car insurance changes

It’s seemingly a rule of life that nothing gets cheaper. And that includes the aftermath of an auto accident. And now, insurance companies, and the state, want you to pony up for more coverage.