The last public meetings on the TISD bond issue

Friday, October 29, 2010 - 12:22pm

We’re in the home stretch in the campaign for the TISD bond issue.

Many local groups have endorsed the school bonds, but opponents have mounted a well-funded campaign as well.

“We’re on the way up. I’m very happy with the direction we’re going,” Superintendent Randy Reid opened.

The cafetorium at Owens Elementary School was set up for 160 people. Considerably fewer showed up.
at the last meeting, superintendent Randy Reid was hit with questions about plan specifics, even though he outlined comprehensively where the money was going.

Unlike the last meeting, this time the questions were aimed at information, not combat.

“What about the difference in the cost of the land versus the cost of moving the kids,” asked one parent.

“How long will the tax rate stay up high compared to not passing the bonds,” asked another.

Board President Ron Vickery was there.

“This concludes about 30 meetings with some very informed citizens,” he said. ‘And we’re really excited about putting this proposal on the ballot.

Many are worried about the future of rice Elementary School.

“We’re going to be holding meetings in the Rice area,” said Superintendent Randy Reid, “gaining as much information as we can before we make a decision.”

The main issue seems to be timing in a limping economy.

“The economy wasn’t doing all that well in 2008 when Tylerites turned out supported public education and passed the last bond issue,” Vickery said, “and that was a bond issue that increased the tax rate. The important thing about this bond election is that it will fulfill the needs of 3 very important schools, and there’s no need for a tax increase and that’s an important selling point for us. So I’m excited to put it on the ballot.


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